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Renewable geothermal energy
for optimal comfort

Your home deserves the best possible air conditioning / heating system available. Geothermal energy runs the most economical and most eco-friendly systems on the market today. With a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years, a geothermal system can’t be beat for its reliability and durability.

How does a geothermal system work?

A geothermal system extracts the heat retained in the ground using an underground collector, and distributes it throughout your home thanks to a conventional network of ducts, hot water radiators or radiant floors. Inversely, it can pump the heat from inside your home to the ground where it is stored for future use and in the process gives you the benefit of a cooled home.

The benefits of geothermal.

A geothermal air conditioning / heating system offers several advantages:

Economical: 70% cheaper to run than a conventional system.
You could be eligible for a government grant of up to $16,640.

Eco-friendly: Allows you to reduce your fossil fuel consumption.

Comfort: Geothermal systems deliver better home comfort thanks to their ability to generate more heat than a conventional heat pump. These systems are silent and do not require the use of an exterior heat pump.

The leading provider of geothermal systems in Quebec

Klimfax is proud to be considered the leading geothermal specialist in the province. We have all the necessary accreditations for the design and installation of the different types of geothermal systems. When you’ve decided to opt for geothermal, you’ll have two choices: a glycol geothermal system or a direct expansion (DX) system.

Glycol geothermal

This type of geothermal system uses a closed-loop containing a mixture of water and glycol that is then forced through polyethylene pipes by a pumping unit.

Until the direct expansion (DX) system was accredited by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition, this was the most commonly installed system.

Direct expansion geothermal system

Direct expansion (DX) technology uses freon to capture heat rather than a water and glycol mix.

Its performance is enhanced by the thermal exchange between the refrigerant and the ground thanks to the use of highly conductive copper pipes. This type of installation offers several advantages:

DX technology offers better performance than glycol geothermal systems

The diagonal drilling technique used means boreholes don’t have to be as deep: 100 feet down and 3 inches in diameter is sufficient

The DX system can easily be connected to an existing forced air heating system or radiant hot water system

There are few moving parts to break down

A remote diagnostic can be performed via the Internet

The DX system has received accreditation from the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition with CSA 448 installation standards.

To find out more about geothermal systems

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Come and see up-and-running installations in our showroom.
We use a DX system for air conditioning and heating our offices, and we have demonstrations of antifreeze geothermal installations on hand.

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