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Heating and Air Conditioning Ceiling Unit The beauty of real comfort

Does your home have electric baseboard heaters or a boiler?
You might want to consider a centralized heating / air conditioning system installed in your attic!
As well as offering exceptional comfort, an invisible ceiling unit is more esthetic, seeing as it’s hidden from view.

How does ?
a ceiling unit work

A ceiling unit is a centralized solution to your heating and air conditioning needs. Installed in your attic, it can keep your home comfortable all year round thanks to flexible conduits that radiate out above the ceiling.

This type of system can include:

  • an electric blower
  • a heat pump or air conditioner
  • a 5 kW electric heating element
  • a 20x25x1 filter
  • flexible insulated conduits
  • or a drain pan with float switch

The benefits
of a ceiling unit

More and more homeowners are taking advantage of all the benefits a centralized and reversible system can offer:

Optimized air diffusion
Thanks to flexible conduits hidden in the ceiling, a centralized ceiling unit can evenly heat or cool every room in your home. Furthermore, because forced air comes out of ceiling grates, you avoid the problem of all the heat rising to the top and the cool air remaining near the floor. You benefit from evenly distributed warm or cool air.

Superior comfort
Because warm or cool air is evenly distributed, you enjoy superior comfort at perfect temperatures all year long!

Great looks
Because it’s hidden away in your attic and ceiling, this type of system is almost invisible. There are no baseboard heaters and no radiators – just a discrete and attractive ceiling grill in every room connected to the unit.

Great savings
In the spring, fall and early winter, the ceiling unit’s heat pump offers real energy savings. Reduced energy consumption means monthly bills that don’t break the bank.

Get a clear and detailed quote

Our experienced professionals are able to determine with great precision how much it will cost to install a ceiling unit in your home. For expert advice, answers to your questions, and a detailed quote, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

A system that’s as efficient
as it is safe

Maximum insulation (R12)
Klimfax believes that conduits and blowers should benefit from maximum
insulation to minimize needless thermal loss.
This approach means you get optimal temperature control all year long.

Drain pan
With time, dirt can eventually block the drain and cause water damage at ceiling level.
To avoid this, we always install a drain pan with float switch.
You’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing your system can never back up.

Contact a Klimfax professional

System maintenance
is your best guarantee!

Klimfax experts all agree that a ceiling system requires annual maintenance. Why? Certain precautions need to be taken:
  • System must be inspected to reduce the risk of drain backup
  • Conduit and ceiling insulation must be checked to reduce thermal loss that could, for example, cause ice to build up on the roof
  • Drain pan must be examined to avoid damage from condensation at ceiling level
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Professional installation
is the key to efficiency!

Ceiling units are complex machines that are precisely adapted to each home by Klimfax professionals. With their unparalleled expertise developed over many years and their proven know-how, our installers can offer you a heating / air conditioning system that’s sure to deliver improved efficiency.

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