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Monobloc heating and cooling systems (PTAC):
comfort, durability, reliability.

Monobloc air conditioners or heaters (PTAC) are especially ideal in multi-dwelling buildings. These reliable and durable units are designed and installed to remain in place all year long. At Klimfax, our technicians are masters in installing and replacing monobloc heating and cooling appliances. Entrust your comfort to the heating and cooling experts.

Enclosed air conditioning and heating wall units: surrounded by comfort

Monobloc air conditioning and heating wall units are perfect for multi-dwelling buildings. They are conveniently mounted on the wall, are made of components that can withstand temperature variations, and are insulated to remain in place in all seasons.

Monobloc air conditioners and heaters (PTAC) are a cost-effective, reliable and durable solution for providing total comfort in condo units, apartments, and hotel or motel rooms. Whether you’re looking to equip a new construction or replace an existing system, there is a monobloc system adapted to your specific needs.

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of monobloc units

Monobloc air conditioners and heaters are an easy-to-install, affordable solution for keeping rooms comfortably warm or cool.

They are suitable for all types of residences, but are a particularly optimal solution for residential or commercial multi-dwelling buildings.

  • Affordable, reliable and durable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy to operate thanks to digital functions
  • Washable filters for easier maintenance
  • Guaranteed by the manufacturer

Do you have a monobloc air conditioner or heater that you wish to have replaced? To find the model best suited to your needs:

  • Measure the width, height, and depth (if possible);
  • Make note of the amperage and voltage;
  • Take a photo of the unit;
  • Request a quote online.

Discover the PTAC systems that meet your needs!

A team trained
to recommend the ideal monobloc system for you.

The Klimfax sales team is trained to understand your needs and the installation particularities of your monobloc heating or cooling system.

In addition to sales, we are also specialists in the installation, service, and maintenance of PTAC systems. Whether you need an existing enclosed unit replaced or a new installation, you’re guaranteed to get the very best appliance and impeccable customer service.

Experienced technicians
for a professional and high-quality installation.

Our team of technicians receives continuing training in order to constantly offer you the best service and highly professional installation.

Our thoroughness and attention to detail ensure that your monobloc system is perfectly insulated with a quality finish. Our accessible customer service department and vast inventory allow us to meet all your repair and maintenance needs promptly and properly.

Commercial agreements
for multi-dwelling buildings and hotels.

Are you a rental building manager or part of a condo owners association? We are specialized in sales, installation, and service for multi-dwelling buildings.
Learn about our programs and trade agreements for the maintenance and regular monitoring of units, and for replacement or repair when needed.

  • Repair and maintenance on site or in our workshop
  • Pick-up service
  • Delivery available

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