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A complete range of products to improve
your home’s air quality

Air quality is essential to your good health. That’s why Klimfax offers a wide selection of products designed to improve air quality: filters, air purifiers, humidifiers & dehumidifiers, air exchangers, UV lamps and HEPA filters.
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Filters and air purifiers / HEPA

Good air quality can help prevent asthma and allergy attacks. Klimfax offers a complete range of filtration products that get rid of bacteria, pollen, animal hair and pollution so you can breathe pure clean air.

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Humidifiers & dehumidifiers

Heating our homes in winter causes indoor relative humidity to drop. This can have negative effects on our health. Inversely, in summer, it’s sometimes necessary to remove humidity from the air for greater comfort. Klimfax has the humidifier and dehumidifier that will meet your needs. Ask our experts for more information.

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Air exchangers

Modern houses are more and more insulated and hermetically sealed. An air exchanger is sometimes required to renew ambient air. Various types of air exchanger are offered. The type of motor required, the layout of your home, and your budget are all factors that will determine what particular unit best suits your needs.

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UV lamps

Placed inside the central air conditioning / heating system, Carrier UV lamps prevent the formation of mildew on the refrigeration coils. These should be replaced every one or two years. They are offered in simple or double format, 120 V or 240 V. Contact us to order your replacement lamps.

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Air duct cleaning

With normal use, your equipment will be subject to the accumulation of dust, pollen and bacteria. Regular cleaning of air ducts will optimize its performance, increase energy efficiency, and improve your home’s air quality. Furthermore, you’ll avoid potentially costly repairs.

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