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Air duct cleaning

Get all the benefits of clean ducts and grills

Reduce dust and contaminants

The normal use of heating and cooling systems results in an accumulation of dust, dirt, debris, pollen and bacteria in all residential and commercial ventilation systems.

Your home’s air ducts should be thoroughly inspected and cleaned by qualified professionals every 4 or 5 years.

Complete maintenance of your air ducts ensures the air quality of your central system, and improves performance. Our goal is to remove visible contaminants such as dust, debris and mildew as well as microbial contaminants so that the air passes over clean surfaces. Don’t wait! Get all the benefits of thoroughly clean ducts, conduits, and grills all year round.

Congested air ducts can increase your energy costs, reduce air circulation and cause your entire system to operate less efficiently.

Get rid of dust, dust mites and spores!

An intense cleaning of the entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is performed to remove dirt and debris, and to loosen contaminants from the inside surfaces of air ducts. During cleaning, all ducts are placed under continuous negative pressure (vacuum) to prevent contaminants and tiny particles from becoming airborne.

Inspection and decontamination

Optical borescope to detect debris and contamination, and to evaluate serviceability
Complete cleaning and sanitizing of all ducts, conduits and grills
HEPA-filtered vacuum is connected to air duct system to capture and eliminate contaminants

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