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Enjoy a cool summer
with a heat pump or air conditioner.

KLIMFAX experts strive to offer you the utmost in comfort all year long. To keep cool during the summer months, we offer two methods: heat pumps and air conditioners. You need a new air conditioner or you’re looking to replace your current unit? We can suggest the type of equipment that’s best suited to your needs.

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Wall-mounted and multi-zone air conditioners

Wall-mounted or multi-zone air conditioners combine an exterior and interior module. Highly compact, they cool your home very efficiently. Quickly installed and easy to operate, they harmonize perfectly with your home décor thanks to their discreet design. Keep in mind that some units can also be used as a source of heat.

Central air conditioning

Central air conditioning is perfect for keeping you eminently cool all summer long. Connected to the duct network of your forced air furnace, the system provides unequalled comfort while offering significant energy savings. No need for a wall unit, as cool air will come out of your heating vents.

Enclosed air conditioning wall units and PTACs

An air conditioning wall unit is ideal for any type of home. Economical, it is inserted in a wall and remains in place all year long. The unit is well insulated and made with components that can withstand wide temperature fluctuations.


Essential to your comfort, a thermostat allows you to control and program the temperature inside your home. In addition to being easy to read, today’s thermostats offer ultimate precision. And their stylish design complements your home décor.


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