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Discover our wide selection of heat pumps and furnaces

Klimfax offers you nothing less than state-of-the-art heating systems. Whether you’re looking for a heat pump or a furnace – gas, electric, hot water or oil – we’ll suggest the most appropriate equipment for your needs.

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Single- or multi-zone
heat pumps

Single- or multi-zone wall-mounted units combine an exterior module with an indoor one to both heat and cool your home. Highly compact and easy to install and operate, they blend with any type of décor.


heat pumps

A central heat pump will cool your house in summer and heat it in winter. Connected to your heat pump, it becomes a hybrid system that can provide first-class comfort all year round. Furthermore, new technology now delivers maximum efficiency even at –30 degrees Celsius.


Electric furnaces

An electric furnace warms air through electrical resistance. The heat energy thus produced is then blown by a fan through the rooms of your home via a network of ducts. This type of unit is much more energy efficient than an old oil furnace, which means big savings for you.


Gas furnaces

When you’re shopping for a furnace, look for the Average Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. It will tell you what percentage of the energy used by the unit is turned into heat. The higher the rating, the greater the efficiency, and the more you save. Our furnaces have an AFUE rating of up to 98%.


Air/water heat pumps

An air/water heat pump extracts heat energy from outside air and transfers it indoors. It can both heat and cool your home, while consuming less electricity and less non-renewable energy. It is perfectly adapted to a hot-water heating system like a radiant or heated floor.


Hydronic heating systems (hot-water furnaces)

Water heated by the electric or gas furnace circulates to the radiators and returns to the furnace where it is heated once again. Delivering comfortable room temperatures, this proven century-old system offers you substantial savings, is very durable, and makes for healthier indoor air.



An essential component of any heating system, a thermostat lets you control and program the temperature in your home. Today’s very precise thermostats are easy to read and program, and their stylish designs harmonize with any décor.


Enclosed air conditioning wall units and PTACs

Economical, it is inserted in a wall and remains in place all year long. The unit is well insulated and made with components that can withstand wide temperature fluctuations.


Maintenance tips

The articles written by our experts contain practical advice on how to use and maintain your equipment to ensure its optimal operation and long service life.


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