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Radiant floors, for their comfort and energy efficiency

Radiant floors are now the norm in renovation and new construction. In the bathroom, the basement or the whole house, the floors’ constant and uniform distribution of heat generates a sensation of well-being while increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

There are several ways to heat a floor: by electric wire, with hot water, and also with glycol. Klimfax offers several custom-made solutions depending on your type of project, your comfort goals, and your budget. And whatever type of radiant floor you choose, remember that you’ll add to the resale value of your property.

Electric radiant floors

For unparalleled heating efficiency

Radiant floors can be 100% electric using cables or wired padding. Of incomparable quality and durability, our radiant floors are ideal for any type of project.

Advantages of electric wires:

  • Compatible with most floor coverings: ceramics, natural stone, linoleum, floating wood, engineered wood, etc.
  • Maintains healthy ambient air without drying it out, and without spreading dust and germs
  • No décor limitations, and no maintenance required

Hot water or glycol
radiant floor

For high-performance heating that uses your all your home’s sources of energy

Radiant floors can also be hydronic, i.e. equipped with a network of tubes filled with liquid (either water or glycol). The main advantage of hydronic floors is their ability to connect to any existing source of heat or energy available in your home.

Klimfax has acquired solid expertise in the installation of radiant hydronic floors. We can easily connect a radiant floor to your current electric, gas or oil furnace, or even a geothermal system.


Heated outdoor parking
using glycol

For greater safety during the winter months

Klimfax also specializes in snow and ice melting systems that are perfectly adapted to extreme winter conditions. With a heated asphalt or concrete floor for your parking space, the snow and ice will melt leaving a dry surface that you won’t slip on.


Radiant floor
control panel

Precise control of your radiant floor is important if you want to benefit from all its advantages. Whether your floor is heated by electric wires, water or glycol, your comfort depends on maintaining the correct temperature. Our radiant floor control panel is state-of-the-art technology that should be seriously considered when installing your new system.


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