Monoblocs / PTACs-heating

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One-family house
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JKD EC Series
Commercial duty construction provides convenient installation and expense reduction.

Frigidaire Built-In Room Air Conditioner 10,000 BTU
Optimized design for highest energy efficiency.

DMQC Series
Re-Engineered, Re-Styled, and Loaded with Features.

EA Series
Premium… meet Affordable!

Calm Series
Dependable by Design.

16E Series
The 16E Series was re-engineered for a quieter and more efficient unit.

K Series
Premium… meet Affordable!

ES Series
New high performance design! Energy efficient! Quiet! Durable!

C26 Series
Premium Components provide exceptional reliability, durability, low sound, and long-life.

Frigidaire Built-In Room Air Conditioner
Built-in room air conditioners from Frigidaire are perfect for keeping a room cool or warm in your home.