ES Series

  • Fits 16 3/8” X 44 7/8” wall sleeve
  • Energy efficient: Qualified for new construction! Performance verified by 3rd party laboratory
  • Made with noise cancelling materials
  • High performance: Superior high static pressure blower designs. Premium UL category 1 components for unmatched reliability and durability
  • Easy installation: EXACT replacement, no sleeve or louver modifications -- works with original RS front panel
  • Modern electronic control: Optional Electronic Touchpad controls switchable to 24v remote wall thermostat and EMS connection
  • Large slow-turning outdoor blower for highest efficiency and calm low decibels inside and outside

Brand: Applied Comfort
Product number: ES Series
Serie: ES
  • RS, PMRS, ES, PMES (McQuay, Singer, Remington, Snyder General)
  • ED (Islandaire)
  • 1-year comprehensive parts and labour warranty.
  • 6-year sealed system parts only including compressor. Shipping of parts is covered to any location in North America.

  • Optional 6-year sealed system parts and labour warranty
  • 6-year parts only warranty on all other mechanical parts, in addition to features of Standard Warranty. Includes free shipping of parts to any location in North America. Dealer must purchase this optional extended warranty within one year of purchase date from Applied Comfort.

  • Warranty by Applied Comfort Products Inc.

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