Friday 06 December 2019

5 installation rules to ensure air circulates only where it should!

Whether you need to ensure adequate air circulation in your home or control the temperature using a heat pump system, the last thing you want to do is create undesired air leaks due to faulty installation!

At Klimfax, our installation technicians ensure the job is done flawlessly by following these rules.

Rule 1: We seal all seams.

The cables and pipes necessary for the proper operation of your air circulation or heat pump heating and cooling systems require us to drill into walls and ceilings. Our installation experts ensure meticulous work by piercing only the space required, and by adequately plugging the space surrounding cables and pipes.

Rule 2: We insulate ducts.

In order to prevent air circulating in the attic ducts from being subject to the very cold temperatures of winter and very hot temperatures of summer, we make sure to insulate them sufficiently.

Rule 3: We strategically install air grilles, traps and vents.

To ensure the good quality of the air you breathe, air grilles, traps and vents – which optimize circulation – must be installed. By strategically selecting the location in which they are installed, we make sure to prevent the loss of hot or cool air while guaranteeing the most uniform temperature control possible throughout your entire home.

Rule 4: We respect existing insulation.

After completing the installation of your air exchanger or heating and air conditioning ceiling unit, our technicians always replace the existing insulation material to preserve its efficiency.

Rule 5: We offer you regular maintenance.

In order to quickly detect any problem or breakage which could cause heat loss from your heating pump or air exchanger system, we offer you our regular maintenance services. The sharp eyes of our technicians are sure to detect potential breakages before they cause you any problems!

For the installation of your heating and cooling system, trust a team that’s committed to your comfort.